our motto

Publish Confidently.

a few words about us

DragonFlick is built by a team of individuals who work daily on ensuring that content is cleared for publication from a copyright and privacy perspective.

We are a team of media lawyers. technologists, film and television industry professionals. We recognise a need to provide a service that efficiently manages the plethora of content arriving into your organisation every minute.

Copyright and privacy are at the forefront of our customer needs. We are not creating a ‘nice to have’ tool that is just an additional distraction. We are creating software which directly saves you time and money, by creating an audit trail for each piece of content ingested. If you use DragonFlick you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have the rights to publish the content with confidence.

Our culture is defined by building and using technology for good. We are committed to helping organizations publish content with confidence, safely and respecting privacy.

We are interested in building long term, mutually beneficial relationships with (and for) our clients.