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Media Compliance & Pre-Publication

DragonFlick instantly provides pre-publication legal compliance.

DragonFlick handles your copyright, privacy and GDPR issues when engaging user generated content.
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What DragonFlick does for you

DragonFlick enables you to select usable content with the assurances and permissions required to publish.

Connect with internal and external content creators to expand your story. DragonFlick enables you to ingest and share media from multiple users, in multiple locations, into a single viewing platform.

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DragonFlick provides a preliminary media law compliance process, that increases your publishing efficiencies.

Reduce Legal headaches.

DragonFlick provides quick and easy pre-publication legal compliance. DragonFlick can handle your copyright privacy, data protection and libel issues when you want to publish user generated content.

Have confidence in your content.

DragonFlick provides a preliminary legal compliance process which reduces the time you spend clearing content for publication.

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DragonFlick empowers you to select usable content, that has been cleared by copyright and media law.

Save Time - DragonFlick increases your decision making speed by having the confident to publish cleared content.

Publish content- DragonFlick provides a simple viewing experience of all the content from all the creators.

Why it matters

DragonFlick ensures that essential and pertinent information is never lost between regional locations and head office.

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DragonFlick allows all members, internal and external, of your organisation to upload their content from all types of devices.

Gather real time information on all content across a geographical location in seconds.

See all content from all devices -Android or IOS- in one platform.

Want quality curated content?

You want to work with your audience to cluster quality content in one place?

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Ensure media law compliance?

Unsure of legal status: what do you need to do to get it across the line?

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Content for worldwide publication

No geographical restrictions and immediate access to content across a territory?

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Simple and Practical

Everyone is now a content creator. We all have smart phones to take photos and produce videos. How can you use that material quickly ?

The audience self certifies their content, which can then be viewed directly on your DragonFlick account for editorial content release.

Save time - DragonFlick allows all members of your organisation - internal and external - to upload their content from all types of devices.

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